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Visual workspace to record, review and improve life goals and long-term plans. This app is exclusively for schools who wish to purchase through Apple's Volume Purchase Scheme. For the original iMindMap apps please search for MindMaple is a fast and intuitive way of organizing and prioritizing information for project management, brainstorming sessions, idea sharing, MindMaple is a fast and intuitive way of organizing and prioritizing information for Mindjet for iPhone lets you easily enter ideas, tasks, and meeting notes into intuitive visual maps that help you quickly organize concepts and Unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping.

Capture your thoughts directly on mind maps, turn them into presentations on the fly, and share Helps you keep and organize notes, pictures, people and places in your own unique manner. Save and organize ideas, visualize difficult decisions, tackle your most ambitious goals.

Five Best Mind Mapping Tools

Create visual thought maps that help organize and plan your activities and ideas. Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember things and generate new ideas. If you need to collaborate on a project, 'Professional' subscriptions support 1 user and up to 5 guests. All Mindomo paid subscriptions support password protection of mind maps to make sure only you and your team can see them. While these advanced features are acknowledged by the online community, Mindomo has come under criticism for its bare bones interface which offers little guidance to new users.

Its existence is thanks to a flash of inspiration by project founder 'Levon'. While at college, he was leafing through a copy of David Allen's Getting Things Done and discovered a chapter on brainstorming. Levon started doing this on pen and paper but later teamed up with fellow programmer 'Kirill' to begin development of Bubbl. The beauty of Bubbl. As it's cloud-based there's also no software to download.

Users can get started right away and the project website claims that these include millions of musicians, artists, writers, teachers and people with dyslexia. Like Mindomo, Bubbl. There's also a day free trial to try out more advanced features.

Online reviews of Bubbl. Some reviewers have complained about lag problems when using Bubbl. It is designed primarily for business users and has been adopted by big names like Proctor and Gamble. As an enterprise-focused program MindManager is capable of integrating with Microsoft Office and indeed the overall interface will be very familiar to Word and PowerPoint users, right down to the built-in text editor and spreadsheet program.

Paper Chase: The Drawback of Traditional Mind Maps

Users are introduced to this gradually, as on first launch MindManager only displays a virtual whiteboard from where you can easily add ideas, then drag them into place. Maps are accessible via an easy to use dashboard. The general look and feel is extremely professional, meaning the finished map would be suitable for all purposes, from notes for a book to a presentation at a board meeting. This professional pedigree doesn't come cheap. This is especially important if any users are unfamiliar with Microsoft Office. It was originally released in November and the project website now claims over 1 million users.

Like MindManager, XMind seems to be more focused on enterprise level solutions. The 'Idea Factory' is a great place to start listing items and there's even a useful built-in countdown timer to help regulate your mind mapping sessions. The dedicated brainstorming module allows you to group items and concepts, as well as create links between them.

Business users can also make use of the presentation mode which can display maps as slides, as well as list tasks in chart form e.

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X Mind has been singled out for praise online for its clear focus on business users, as well as its minimalist interface which allows for easy mind map creation through a series of templates. Other respectable features include 'XMind cloud' which can sync your mind maps across devices and 'day and night' mode which dims the screen to protect your eyes. We've only featured five of the best mind mapping software solutions above, but there are plenty more to consider. Here we'll list a number of others worth considering.

Popular in windows Brainstorming and Mind-Mapping Software

And as we mentioned that Scapple at the start, which was built for writers, we're going to open with what is the most popular dedicated writing platform:. While this may have been built for a single writer to develop a novel, there's no reason why it can't be used for any other type of project.

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What's On Your Mind?

The way it allows you to bring notes together and organize them around a central document can seem a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it's difficult not to imagine working on a project without it. It's a simple app that's easy to use, as all that's require is for you to put down and join together ideas and the connections between them.

You can then export your work as an image file or PDF as required. A handy feature is that the software continually autosaves so it's easy to roll back to an early version.