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However, third party apps and plug-ins also install their own panes sometimes. But sometimes it can cause a problem, such as when Flash gets out of date. Just click on the Extensions utility, choose Preferences panes, check the box next to the one you want to delete and click Remove.

Right-click triggers onclick handler

You can download CleanMyMac for free here. And it works the same way for the Trackpad, too. Both are configured from their own panes in System Preferences. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. How to right click on a Mac mouse or trackpad. Igor Degtiarenko. Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now.

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May 04, Updated: January 15, CleanMyMac X. Free Download. Subscribe to know first Our delivery owl will bring you our best deals and news about MacPaw apps. Thanks for signing up! Now, please check your email. I've found that right-clicks work most consistently if you lift your index finger off the left side of the mouse beforehand. It has one "button" and some sensors to detect where your fingers are placed so it can respond differently.

See the bottom of this article for more details. If you have any finger touching the left side over the "button" area , OS X will register a left click. It doesn't matter if you actually pressed the mouse with another finger on the right "button".

To register a right click, you have to have NO finger on the left side of the mouse. Here's the table for what happens when the mouse is clicked: no fingers on mouse: primary click one finger on left: primary click one finger on right: secondary click one finger on left and one finger on right: primary click. Try being more careful about your finger placement and see if your right click accuracy improves. This seems like a good solution, but the Mouse preferences don't let me set the ball button as the secondary button I had my wireless mighty mouse changed and I've had no problems with the right click ever since.

Apple is aware of the problem and they are willing to "quietly" change the mouse. I bought a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse and had significant problems right-clicking. I tried every possible combination of clicking arching fingers, not touching mouse at all except for tip of right finger, multiple fingers, different fingers, entire length of finger, many different positions on right side of mouse, etc.

Apple sent me a new mouse in exchange for mine, but it had same problem. I finally returned it. At that time, I had not heard about the battery "fix," where you take the batteries out and then put them back in and the right-click works. I doubt this is the case, but does anyone have personal experience with this? Mine doesn't allow the ball to be configured as the secondary button either.

I find this mouse much more form than function. Same boat -- I'm using my generic Kensington and generic Logitech dollar store mouse!

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I'm a lefty, but still use left-is-left and right-is-right why do other lefties need to change this? Yeah, justify it on the technology or not lifting a finger off the left button all you want, but it doesn't work the way I work, so back to the generic mice. Really, though, the only thing I miss is the horizontal scroll, but it's more important to properly right click.

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Open your com. Click on the "root" expansion triangle. Change the value for " Button3 " to " 2 ". Save, then Quit the Property List Editor. Close the preferences panel. Your ball button should now do a right click. If you look at the settings in System Preferences, it won't say that it will probably indicate Expose'. Don't click on the popup for the ball button doing so will undo this change. My com. This is a great hint. I tend to cuddle my mouse with several fingers, so I can never get the right button to work.

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  5. Which, IMO, is a poor, clunky, unApple-like workaround. However, no matter what, you can't hit the left AND right button at the same time. Because of Apple's insistence to make the mouse look simpler and over design a way around a single problem introduced by the design they chose, I had to solve the problem they made by going out and buying a mouse. It's a Razer, was expensive, and the company didn't stand behind its product when it broke, but after buying one more it's better than getting fragged over and over because you can't shoot and launch a grenade or dive and choose a target to attack at the same time.

    I don't have a problem with right clicking on the Mighty Mouse. Why is it so hard or, perhaps, anathema for people with an index finger to click with that finger only, moving it to the left or to the right as need be? That's what I do, and I don't find it difficult at all. In fact, it's downright simple! Please don't generalize your lack of problems to other people. I find it easier to use my index finger for left-click and middle finger for right-click because that's where those fingers naturally rest on the mouse.

    Using my index finger for right-click would be an awkward motion. I must sign in to contribute to this. There is nothing about the Mac design that I do not like, but I think it is almost ridiculous that right click is seemlingly banned. It is not a bad idea. And in any case, I cannot get the right click to work consistently. I admit I am new to macs, and I am truly all about them. I told my housemates earlier that I was hooked to developing with my new macbookpro. Today I got a mighty mouse after being told that it was capable of the right click please help me figure out a way to get a consistent right click!!

    I too use Eclipse on my Mac and have had no trouble at all with right clicking the mighty mouse. My fingers are positioned at the top of the mouse, either side of the scroll ball. As mentioned previously, a right click is only recognised when the left side has no finger ie source of mild electrical current! Since I have two mighty mice for my two macs, the only problems I've had are sticky balls: Maybe your mouse is faulty?

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    I guess you could try breathing on the front of the mouse like on a window in winter too see if that improves the electrical conductivity? I was very frustrated on the inconstistant nature of the right click on the wireless mighty mouse. I have done many seaches and tried switching out the mouse with Apple, other software and not having pressure on the left side of the mouse without success.

    It does change the mouse preference panel back. Please note that I am not a Mac expert, just someone determined to find a solution to a mouse I like but the right click was driving me nuts. No pun intended, but I found that by re-pairing my Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, right-click was repaired.

    I have the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. A more reliable way to fix this issue is: 1.

    MacBook trackpad too stiff (hard to click) |

    Power the Mighty Mouse down. Remove the batteries. Wait 10 seconds. Insert batteries. Power mouse on. This fixed the issue for me. Right clicking is 10 times more accurate now. Incredibly, Schwie's advice to power the mouse down, removing the batteries and reinserting them worked for me. Who would've thought!

    I've always wondered why, but for me, something about the way I hold the mouse causes me to trigger a right-click all the time.