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If this doesn't solve your problem, you may want to see if CPU usage is actually the issue or if there is something else going on. An easy way to check this is to install the Resource Monitor extension. When installed in a container, it provides information about capacity for your containers in the Status bar. If you'd like this extension to always be installed, add this to your settings. If you determine that you need to give your container more of your machine's capacity, follow these steps:.

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Finally, if your container is doing disk intensive operations or you are just looking for faster response times, see Improving container disk performance for tips. VS Code's defaults optimize for convenance and universal support, but can be optimized. If you see an error from Docker reporting that you are out of disk space, you can typically resolve this by cleaning out unused containers and images.

There are a few ways to do this:. Install the Docker extension from the Extensions view if not already present. Most containers do not have the Docker command line installed.

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Therefore commands invoked from the Docker extension that rely on the Docker command line, for example Docker: Show Logs , fail. If you need to execute these commands, open a new local window and use the Docker extension from this VS Code window or set up Docker inside your container. If docker ps does not provide enough information to identify the container you want to delete, the following command will list all development containers managed by VS Code and the folder used to generate them. This is a well known issue caused by the Debian 8 being "archived".

Option 1 : Remove any containers that depend on the image, remove the image, and then try building again. This should download an updated image that is not affected by the problem. See cleaning out unused containers and images for details. Option 2 : If you don't want to delete your containers or images, add this line into your Dockerfile before any apt or apt-get command. It adds the needed source lists for Jessie:.

Add the AWS CLI Executable to your Mac OS X Command Line Path - Python-Anaconda Users

In particular, high CPU usage occurring when watching files and building. If you see high CPU usage for com. Follow the Docker issue for updates and fixes. See the Advanced Container Configuration article for information on the following topics:. You can use wslconfig. The VS Code server is started in an interactive login shell and uses the shell that is configured. See this blog post for more information on how to specify a shell.

By default, bash is used as the shell. Check whether these files contain any commands that could block the server from starting. For example, it is not recommended using the startup script to start another shell. You should see VS Code install path listed. By default, this would be:. If the VS Code install path is missing, edit your. Some extensions rely on libraries not found in the vanilla install of certain WSL Linux distributions.

You can add additional libraries into your Linux distribution by using its package manager. Check the documentation for your extension or the runtime that is mentioned for additional installation details. If you use HTTPS to clone your repositories and have a credential helper configured in Windows , you can share this with WSL so that passwords you enter are persisted on both sides. Note that this does not apply to using SSH keys. Configure the credential manager on Windows by running the following in a Windows command prompt or PowerShell :.

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Any password you enter when working with Git on the Windows side will now be available to WSL and vice versa. See the Visual Studio Online troubleshooting article for tips and tricks related to the service or extension. While many extensions will work unmodified, there are a few issues that can prevent certain features from working as expected.

In some cases, you can use another command to work around the issue, while in others, the extension may need to be modified. This section provides a quick reference for common issues and tips on resolving them. You can also refer to the main extension article on Supporting Remote Development for an in-depth guide on modifying extensions to support remote extension hosts. VS Code's local user settings are reused when you connect to a remote endpoint. Resolution: You can set endpoint-specific settings after you connect to a remote endpoint by running the Preferences: Open Remote Settings command from the Command Palette F1 or by selecting the Remote tab in the settings editor. These settings will override any local settings you have in place whenever you connect.

Sometimes you want to install a local VSIX on a remote machine, either during development or when an extension author asks you to try out a fix. You may also want to add "extensions. See Supporting Remote Development for more information on developing and testing extensions in a remote environment. Some extensions use external node modules or custom code to launch a browser window. Unfortunately, this may cause the extension to launch the browser remotely instead of locally. Resolution: The extension can use the vscode.

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See the extension author's guide for details. Some extensions use node modules like clipboardy to integrate with the clipboard. Unfortunately, this may cause the extension to incorrectly integrate with the clipboard on the remote side. When working inside a container, SSH host, or VS Online environment the port the browser is connecting to may be blocked. Resolution: Extensions can can use the vscode. If the extension's webview content uses an iframe to connect to a local web server, the port the webview is connecting to may be blocked. Resolution: The extension can use use the webview.

In the case of ports being blocked, the best approach is to instead use the webview message passing API. As a workaround, vscode. See the extension author's guide for details on the workaround. If you are trying to connect to a localhost port from an external application, the port may be blocked. Resolution: VS Code 1. Currently the forwarding mechanism in VS Online's browser-based editor only supports http and https requests.

Web sockets will not work even if served up in forwarded web content or used in JavaScript code.

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This can affect both user applications and extensions that use websockets from webviews. Resolution: Use the VS Online extension for VS Code when working with something that requires web sockets instead of the browser-based editor. The VS Online team is investigating solutions to this problem. Resolution: Extensions can use the context. Extensions that require sign in may persist secrets using their own code. Mailing Lists

This code can fail due to missing dependencies. Even if it succeeds, the secrets will be stored remotely, which means you have to sign in for every new endpoint. Resolution: Extensions can use the keytar node module to solve this problem.