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Upgraded to macOS Mojave 10 days ago. Continuous problem since installation — it takes 4 to 8 attempts to start the iMac -and there was no startup chime. Today I tried approx 10 times to start — no success. Waited for 3 hours and it started on the first attempt and this time there was a startup chime. Very concerned that at some point the mac will not start. It is an iMac late and the MacOS mojave version is You will have to upgrade to toast 17, I had the same problem… Mojave is a big shift in the OS, and so many applications have had to be updated.

Dreamweaver CS6, Fetch current version will start after a restart of my computer running The only option is to move them to the trash. MP Navigator EX 1. Click Reopen… which obviously does not work either. I have a CanoScan F. Anyone else get a black screen after logging in. Just downloaded M Any help out there? BlueGriffon my webpage-making app died completely with upgrade to Mojave. And almost everything else works very slowly, with constant spinning beachballs for 10 seconds or so before responding. The cloning process will not reformat the drive.

It may still work less efficiently that Sierra or High Sierra on the same drive, but it should put an end to the beachball of death, in most cases. And, perhaps, BlueGriffon will work again, though no guarantees. If not, you may want to downgrade to your previous version of macOS that BlueGriffon supported.

Or look into getting another web design program that is compatible with macOS Good luck.

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When is somebody going to rein it Apple? I have an almost new iMac that Mojave would have apparently turned into a boat anchor had I not been forewarned against using Mojave on various user forums. How do I upload my photographs to Facebook from my Mac desktop now that I have upgraded to Mojave, or is that not possible any more? No real problems until today when I opened the ColorStrokes app.

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I tried to install Mojave 4 times. The first time I could not access my data. I then was instructed to erase my hard drive, install Mojave, and then install my data. I could not access my data and my wireless mouse and keyboard were inoperable. I retried this same approach and the result was the same. Then I was instructed by Apple to erase my data, install Mojave, and access only parts of my backup. The result was that I lost 3 vital applications; could not reconstruct my emails; and thousands of photos were difficult to impossible to retrieve.

I then erased my hard drive, once again, and installed all my backups, including all the settings and the High Sierra operating system, all of my photos; the three vital applications; and all of my emails.

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Stay away from Mojave. At least you had a backup to work from. As for Mojave not working, this may be because you were installing it on a mechanical hard drive, which Mojave converts to APSF. But the sad fact is that Mojave will work, more or less, on mechanical hard drives. Though, clearly, not in all cases. I stumbled across this site, by the grace of God!!

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I only use my Mac for music. I updated my DAW without reading the release notes. Migrated to a newer Mac. I was no longer able to finish those projects. Some of my very important plug ins etc.. I just want to get back to a point before all, and learn the locations were extensions are locatednetc.. Please help!!

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Get Adobe Support Advisor. Keynote is displaying black slides when I hot play, not all slides, it seems to be random. I hit escape and re-play the presentation and its ok but hits another black slide Anyone know whats happening plz?? With Mojave My adobe suite especially InDesign crashes since Mojave install.

Also have had to uninstall and reinstall the creativee cloud app 3 times. I really hate Mojave at this point. Being under deadlines and having continual Adobe crashing to where I have to force reboot the computer is pissing me off. Does anyone test this at Apple before releasing it?

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Even CS3 will run. At a minimum you can run Disk Utility on you drive to see if it turns up any errors; if it does, hopefully it can repair them. Sadly, Disk Utility is quite limited in what it can do and may not fix whatever issue is lurking, messing up your Adobe apps. Another thought: If you are reinstalling your Adobe apps, you should use the Adobe uninstallers in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder to uninstall them first. Another thought: download the Mojave It will correct many system errors.

Be sure to turn off Install app updates first or the next update will run in the background. Simple solution. Downgrade from Mojave to your previous operating system. You are using Time Machine, right? If your printer is listed , an HP driver or app is available.


Click Search , and then follow the instructions to download and install software. If your printer is not listed and the Search button is disabled , an HP driver is not available. Continue to the next step. Select a location.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Select a language.

Confirm Back. Search all support.

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Search help. If a driver is not listed on the Epson website, support may be available with an inbox driver. See one of the following Related Articles for further information:. Where a product has both Epson inbox driver and website driver support, then for optimum operation we recommend using the latest driver from the Epson website.

Where a product has only Epson inbox driver support, make sure you have installed EpsonPrinterDrivers. The illustration below gives 'EPSON' as an example, but you will need to enter your own username and password. If you will use the printer wirelessly, e. The driver installation is complete, you will now have to add the printer to the Mac printer list.