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To a traditional Mac or Windows user, free software usually means a poor quality demo. But in the unix world where OpenOffice was born, nearly everything is free. Well OpenOffice's interface is a little more retro. It has square buttons and lots of grey, that reminds you of the classic days of OS 9. As far as functionality, it's great. It has a fully functional word processor and a fully functional spreadsheet program.

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In fact, it kind of reminds you of using older versions of MS Office, before Microsoft started changing the look every release. But it's not office. And it's free have I mentioned that? Compatibility is great too. MS Office uses Word and Excel files, which have become a de-facto standard, but they are not true standards. OpenOffice saves files to the standard OpenDocument format. While this format is a standard, few applications use it, so it's kind of de-facto proprietary.

Apple's iWork of course uses it's own proprietary format for new documents too. It's the Apple way. With Apple's iWork, it's a little clumsy. Did it continue to work afterwards?

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Posted on Oct 13, AM. I'm sure Apple isn't going to be adjusting anything. They've been warning developers to upgrade to bit for years. It's up to the developers to offer their upgrades as free or paid. Oct 13, AM. Versions of Microsoft Office prior to , as well as any other bit software, won't open in Catalina.

If desired, switch to a product such as LibreOffice. Page content loaded. Microsoft only supports Office subscriptions, or the single-purchase, Office for Mac on Catalina because these suites are bit. Office was never tested on even High Sierra and was retired in Oct Office was retired several years earlier. If you are not prepared to use and learn the free LibreOffice which is a bit MS Office clone, then you will have to spend some money on something.

Apple's free Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are not Microsoft clones and will not open your Microsoft documents in their native document format , nor export back to Microsoft document formats with original document accuracy. There are plenty of alternative word processing applications on the market that cost money, and import Word documents. If you are sharing documents with others that are going to open these documents in MS Office applications, you are far safer sending them documents that originated, or were edited in MS Office or LibreOffice. Thanks for the upfront responses.

To be honest, the only thing I see with these updates are bug fixes.

Nothing awesome. I have tried LibreOffice and when I was going back and forth between Libre and Word, things didn't match.

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There seems to be compatibility issues. Well, that's life Once again thanks for the info.

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Oct 14, PM. I downloaded Catalina.

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Wished I hadn't as now I can not access any of my Microsoft documents without paying. I unknowingly "went across the black line," as I did not receive a warning before upgrading to the new OS Catalina, and now my M. Word and Excel no longer work. If I had realized this, I would not have upgraded. Oct 16, AM. You are lucky you got a warning I didn't and I lost all of my Microsoft Office apps.


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To say I am very angry is an understatement. Oct 23, PM.

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Oct 31, AM. Oct 31, AM in response to rkp33g33 In response to rkp33g Best of luck with your new computers.

Don't forget to check that your apps are compatible when you upgrade the OSs on those new computers. I just did. Nov 1, AM.