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Garage Sale used to be a decent program.

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It was always a bit clunky but the templates you could produce were quite nice and had a decent range of options. The program is clunky to edit.

Ebay listing tools for MAC - The eBay Community

After building a number of templates, you naturally want to delete some of them because the program is so big and takes so much memory but you have to delete them one at a time. It is a very slow and tedious process. Having said that, I was willing to put up with that, well, after all, there is no other decent ebay auction listing software.

But now, the program is unusable and the creators, "iwascoding" apparently don't see any need to try to fix the problem that makes it impossible to use. All I can do is shake my head.

Iwascoding has been aware of the problem for a month and have the fix on their "to do" list. Since the fix is the only thing that will make the program viable, I would think Iwascoding would be working through the night to fix the problem that has made their program completely unusable for eBay sellers. Honestly, I wish someone would create a really good ebay auction listing software because at this point in time, none exists.

If you are thinking of purchasing this program to use on your Mac to list auctions on eBay, don't waste your money until you know it is usable. If Iwascoding does ever decide to get around to making their program usable again, I will come back and amend this review. Read reply 1. Gives a quicker option for listing bulk items, rather than using ebay's system.

The Easiest Way to List and Sell on Amazon & eBay

Good for a small amount of items, with few options. Memory usage is off the charts. Constant freezing. Automatic restart feature doesn't work Limited template options. Tech support is incomprehensible. I purchased this program with the intention of having it aid me with my ebay store. I have over listings to manage on a daily basis and a lot of money to keep track of. - Development Blog

Garage Sale has lost me buckets of money due to it's inefficiency, freezing and poor tech support. I've had issues ranging from categories not loading to items disappearing from my list. The interface is extremely disorganized for a program that is supposed to improve on such a function. There are no real resources to figure everything out. Their website is, again, disorganized and confusing. Garage Sale attempts to emulate every feature of ebay's listing software, yet takes no initiative to make it coherent.

I've contacted tech support on many an occasion for help with the many issues I've had and every single time, I've had to find and fix the problem myself. I would not recommend this program at all, and given the choice, I'd take my money back and go with Parallels and a Windows option. I do many things with many different softwares and have been a mac user for 20 years. I am fully aware of what an app like this, had it been properly designed, could and should be capable of. However, there's nobody else creating this type of software for the mac, so they have all the room they need to corner the ebay market of apple users.

Sad but true. Ease of use, convenience of preparing and uploading auctions to eBay, great report generation, gorgeous templates and lots of them! I have been using GarageSale for several years for creating and listing professional-looking eBay auctions. It has paid for itself over and over. I have tried all the listing programs and GarageSale is truly the best.

It is the easiest and most intuitive of the listing programs and is the most comprehensive allowing you to do everything from GarageSale so you don't even have to go to the eBay website. The tech support is excellent which is a definite pro. There is also a great Yahoo group forum of friendly GarageSale users for exchanging ideas and generally helping each other. GarageSale has saved me a lot of time, energy, and sanity! I lost all my info as I didn't see that it was for OS I had to erase lost info and then reload the Garagesale for OS Not happy.

I've recently moved from ebay to Ebid. Shame there's no version for them. Come on Iwascoding.

Listing Tips for eBay - Tips to Make Your Listing Stand Out - GarageSale for Mac

You can do it. If you do a lot of auctioning on ebay, then this is the best app that can help you spruce up your auction listings. One click integrations with:. Learn about multichannel listing. Learn more about listing updates. Print postage and ship all orders from a single interface When you receive orders from multiple channels, you need an efficient way to ship them all together.

Learn more about orders. The sell tab can be found on the left corner of the website, which is shown in the picture above. After clicking on the Sell tab, the first top screenshot above will appear.

With dewabit, your powerful windows app for listing items to ebay

Before you begin selling, you want to switch to the advanced tool. Click on the blue words in the right hand corner "switch to the advanced tool". Click the orange tab that says " Continue" shown in the bottom picture When you click continue you are ready to begin selling! After switching to the advanced listing tool, the screenshot above will appear When it does appear, type into the text box what you want to sell on eBay. This search will help you select the proper category for your item.

When you finished, click the " Get Started" tab. Once you tell eBay what you are selling, they will automatically match your keywords with a category. For example: I typed in "mac computer", automatically they matched up my keywords with a suggested list, then I browsed the list and picked the category I felt matched by item best.

Note: eBay might have what your are selling in their catalog.

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If so, you can choose the item that you are selling from their catolog. If eBay has your item in their catalog find your product, then click the tab "Sell Yours" If you can't find your item in eBay's catalog- click on the bolded blue words "Continue with your listing". It is optional: If you want to add additional features such as subtitle or gallery plus to your listing- click on the "add or remove options"- which is to the right of the words describe your item. I highly recommend purchasing the Gallery Plus Displays a large photo in the search results.

Gallery plus allows potential buyers to see your listing without clicking on the title. It makes it easy for buyers to see your product when scrolling through your items category. When choosing a title, think of what words you would use if you were looking to purchase the item that you are selling. Continue by following the eBay prompts by informing the buyer what the condition of the item is.

It is highly recommend to take pictures of whatever you're selling. People online can't pick up and observe an item like they would normally be able to do in a traditional store. Make it easy for them to see what you're selling - provide images from several angles.