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If you get problems like WiFi not working on iPhone in iOS 11 or Bluetooth not working in iOS 11, learn how to fix it first and then follow the steps below to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac without iTunes. Step 3 : After turning on AirDrop on both of your devices, you can begin to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac as you like. If you fail to sync photos from iPhone to Mac following the steps above and find AirDrop not working on your iPhone in iOS 11, you can fix the issue using the tips provided in the related article.

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Download Center Partners Support. Data Recovery Wizard Pro. You may also have to unlock your iPhone. Enter your passcode or swipe to open your iPhone. To talk to your iPhone, your computer will have to download a piece of software called a driver. This should install automatically when you plug in your iPhone for the first time, but it can take a few minutes.

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Be patient the first time you plug your iPhone into a computer! Once you have your iPhone plugged into the computer, open the Photos app.

All iPhones: How to Transfer Files Wirelessly to MacBook (No Cables Needed)

You can find this in the Start menu. Once the Photos app is open, choose Import in the upper right-hand corner of the program. Select the photos you want to import, then click Continue. The next screen lets you choose where the photos will be saved on your computer, how they will be organized, and whether or not you want to automatically delete the imported photos off of your iPhone.

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You may also see the same prompts, asking you to trust this computer. Make sure your iPhone is powered on and unlocked.

Once your iPhone is plugged into your Mac, the computer should automatically open the Photos app. In the open Photos app, select your iPhone under the Import tab in the left-hand sidebar. This page will show you all of the available media on your connected iPhone.

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Chose the folder you have created on Mac and select options you want All folders or selected folders if the folder contains video - you might want to select "include videos" checkbox. Check Photos app on your iPhone for the folder that has the same name as the one you have created on your Mac.

I have been using iMazing on the Mac and FileApp on the iPhone which make it very simple, and you can just drag and drop your files back and forth. You could download a Dropbox app on both devices and you'll be able to share photos without a usb cable but internet is required. Thus you are able to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac via AirDrop. With huge functions, AirDrop enables users to sync contacts, videos, music, password and any other things among Apple devices.

As a result, AirDrop is very popular out of other photo transfer apps. You can also choose to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone with AirDrop by using context menu or share sheet. Though the most direct way is to drag and drop photos to the devices you want to sync. Moreover, make sure your iPhone and Mac connect the same wireless network. Or you can choose to use Wireless Transfer app to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone.

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If you are tired of using normal way to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone, Wireless Transfer app is a good choice to sync images between two different devices. You can also try when you want to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. Just make sure that your Mac and iOS device has connected the same network before transferring photos.

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You are not required to download Wireless Transfer app on your Mac with the address on your iPhone. But if you download and install it on OS X, you can manage pictures more conveniently. File transfer to iPhones requires iTunes. So all Apple instructions are based on that.

If you do not have iTunes why not? With that said, there are Apps in the App store that allow you to transfer files outside of iTunes. But it depends on the App in question. Some let you upload files to them via a browser over Wifi , other's make the iPhone act as a USB drive. Many use iTunes File Sharing ability. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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