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Real Stovetop Mac and Cheese

I had no less than 10 people searching me out to see if I was the one who made it and to tell me how good it was. Making it again for a NYE party. Oh, and I bought the whisk too! Thanks for the great recipe. I absolutely love Friday Faves. Look so gorgeous! Amazing design and images. Love the style, simple and modern. I have a suggestion about the wording…. If someone new to preparing meals tries to make this and follows the directions literally, they would mix the cheese sauce and pasta in the cooking pot used for the pasta, put the bread crumbs on top and they put it into the oven!

If their cookware was not oven safe it could be a real disaster. Sounds delish! Want your kids to eat more veggies? Later them into this dish. Broccoli, carrots, spinach, whatever. Looks beautiful and they a WILL eat them. Looks amazing! I am hoping to try this mac and cheese bar for a party. Do you think after baking, it will hold okay in a crock pot to stay warm??

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Thanks so much!! I was so excited looking at your photos — so right away I ordered the whisk on-line; then I went to the market for the cheeses; when I got home I realized that my market sells those cheeses in 8 oz only, so I added a little cheddar to make the 10 oz called for in the recipe, and it turned out fine. Let me tell you, that absolutely was the best Mac n Cheese I have ever made!

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And for just 2 of us, there is plenty of leftovers … I might even share at work. Thank you for this perfect recipe! Can you clarify, your recipe says 3 cups OR 10 oz of each cheese? There are 8oz in a cup so I am not following how I can use 3 cups or 10oz… Looking forward to making this! I did add a little bit of sharp Canadian cheddar since I could only buy blocks of Havarti and Gouda in 8 oz.

Will be making this many more times!!!! I made this tonight and I felt it was too bland.

Easy Macaroni And Cheese

That stuff is delicious and I prefer it to this version. Thanks for your comment Linda, adding onion is a good way to add more flavor too. Thanks for your input! Linda — You can also add either smoked paprika or cayenne to give it a little punch. I find that many dishes with a lot of cheese can be a little bland. You list the same cheese twice in the ingredients list is this on purpose? I want to make this today please get back to me asap! Excellent recipe for homemade mac and cheese.

I noticed in your summary you mentioned that it is ok to dump all the milk in the roux as long as it was cold. Otherwise the sauce has a grainy texture. Other than that everything was spot on. Thanks so much for sharing! Your classic recipe is just what can make a girl feel instantly awesome.

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Have you ever heard of it? I definitely will be reading more of your posts. Thank you for sharing! I will be making it again! Will try soon. Since it is just my husband and I, how do I keep cheese from turning moldy in refrigerator? Can it be frozen? It worked. I always take my cheese out of the original wrapping and then wrap tightly with plastic wrap like they do in the cheese shops.

I made this for my family one evening to go with some fried chicken. She hogged them all!! Thanks for the great recipe!

Easy Vs. Ultimate: Mac 'N' Cheese

Oh yeah, I use saltine crackers instead of breadcrumbs and I put pats of butter all over the top. Thanks Rachel! Sorry that your mom took all the leftovers but so glad she deemed it worthy! How can I get a block?? Made this last night. Came out perfect. Best oven baked macaroni and cheese I have made so far. Thanks for the recipe! This looks amazing! I am counting on 24 adults, do you think I would need to double or triple this recipe? Thank you in advance! Thanks for sharing it Trine. I expect it will be a big hit. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search foodiecrush The recipe list for this mac and cheese is pretty basic: butter dry mustard flour whole milk Havarti cheese gouda cheese elbow macaroni kosher salt white pepper breadcrumbs parley optional But there are two key elements that make a really GREAT mac and cheese.

How to make the best mac and cheese recipe… ever!

How to Make Baked Mac and Cheese The cheese sauce starts with a basic roux of butter, flour and whole milk. Can I Double This Recipe? Can I Prep This in Advance?

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  6. How to Reheat Mac and Cheese If you wind up with leftover baked mac and cheese, I recommend reheating it, covered, in the oven.