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I'm running it nicely on the Intel Iris Pro graphics, haven't bothered trying on the RX that this laptop has since it is noisy, hot and doesn't give me any better performance in wow at this point. Here is picture proof of the client running, however on my MBP retina it only runs at resolution instead of native , so it looks kind of bad compared to my PC.

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I got it working too but my main concern now is heating since it goes straight to 80 degrees everytime i play ascension. On other servers i just chmod the wow windows file and make it run directly on mac so its smoother and doesnt overheat pc May be a cya for now donno I don't want to use Wine, but what exactly does Ascension.

how play a private world of warcraft server on mac

Does it turn into a special launcher that has extra options or is it just a different fancy graphical background that runs the game after changing the config. Normally for a private server it is a matter of changing the config. What addresses do I have to put in there? And after changing could I run the the normal wow. I just tried to start the world of warcraft.

All apps background and launcher refuse to run on my Sierra iMac. To check if the torrent was okay I removed the patch-A file and started the launcher of private server Firestorm. After I gave its location it downloaded some basic files, converted it to Firestorm and the game started. I didn't actually play the game but came to the wotlk login screen.

I cancelled, copied the patch-A file back, changed the config. I looked at a youtube guide of Tommyruin and there seem to be a different login screen and then there are the in-game multi class popup windows.

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So Ascension. I reckon it mist do the same for the mac version whenever it is made. Can I use wine bottler without running the game installer? I have a windows client but it's not an install - just the files ready to run. You dont need to install the game, just execute Ascension. You are posting as a guest. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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Detail on how to use the wow app bundle:. Originally Posted by psprockr.

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After you download the sparse image file, double click it to mount it. When you look in the mounted disk, you will see a wow icon. Click and drag that icon to your wow installation folder in applications. This will be the icon you click on to play wow with. Disregard all of the. You MUST abort this patch, as 4. For future reference, always start WoW with the World of Warcraft. Next, you will need to patch your client to 3.

Download and install the following patches, in order of posting you only need one of each patch, multiple mirrors are listed.

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If a link is broken, you can find alternate mirrors here or here. All you need to do is run the updater file included with the patch. If it will not run, see notes at the end of this guide. Next, you need to set your realmlist to use the Warmane server. Right or control click this file, go to the "Open With It will open your Applications folder. Select "TextEdit" then "Open". Select everything in this file command-a , and paste:.

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Some patches may download fine, but won't open when double-clicked. The problem is that they don't give you permission to execute the file. You can fix this by doing the following: 1. If you see the real patch file now, run that. In terminal, type "chmod " but do not enter you must be on an administrator's account, also note space after the 5.

Drag the "installer" file to terminal.

WoTLK 3.3.5 Client on Mac

The path of the file should be entered into terminal. Press enter in terminal 7. Open the original patch file. April 14, However, I am not able to launch the application, it says "The application World of Warcraft can't be opened" any suggestions on how I can fix that issue? Thanks in advance. Originally Posted by Angelabeex. May 4, I am trying to do the first way with the windows install but I can figure out from the post where to put the.

Edited: May 4, Reason: figured it out. May 11,