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Beam not playing nice with Mac Mini over HDMI.

Then recently: I turned off the laptop. Movie is mirrored on HDTV but there is no sound anymore.


JakeGould I know in windows, when you plug in an hdmi device, windows will make this the default audio device, and if your TV is muted, then you won't have sound. The solution is to just go in to control panel and set the default audio device back to speakers and headphones. Is there a similar thing in OSX?

Blaine - Mac doesn't have a 'default' device structure like Windows. Any device can be used at any time, changing on the fly; different apps can be output to different devices, simultaneously - that doesn't mean the current device cannot have been changed accidentally, just that it doesn't use the 'default' structure.

Plugging in headphones then removing might also jog its elbow. Heptite I downloaded and installed an app called Soundflower. Soundflower allows you to change the sound output source. Jan 6, 2 0. This may not work as seamless on the Mac Mini. SoCalReviews macrumors a.

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Dec 31, I like what I am reading so far about this solution to use Soundflower. Last edited: Feb 7, Dec 17, 3, What everyone needs to understand is that it isn't an "issue" HDMI is a line level audio output. It is designed so that the same "volume" is given whether you plug it into your TV or your receiver and that the audio device again your tv or receiver controls the volume.

What applications like Soundflower and VLC do is artificially raise or lower the volume using software. Frankly, I think you should control volume with the device that outputs the volume and not the device that just sends the audio signals. In the end they tv's and receivers are usually better at volume control than any software hack.

VoR macrumors a. Sep 8, 15 UK. Some people might view it as an issue though, because as has been mentioned he can achieve what he's after in both Windows and with a 3rd party application. Mar 9, 27 0. My beef is that the Apple Remote is useless for controlling volume. There is no settings app for the Apple Remote so that it controls the iTunes or current app's volume slider and not the system volume.

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Designed4Mac macrumors Jan 6, 0 I Wish I Knew. Try using Boom.

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Not free but worth the 4. This works for me. And you can also control the sound with the built in control as well as having an an equalizer and volume boost. IarcadiaI macrumors newbie.

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May 28, 1 0. I asked about it at a local Apple re-seller while buying a mini displayport vga adapter, and the clerk told me it was "inconceivable! Maybe he watched too much "Princess Bride" as a kid, but he wasn't very convincing, so I ended up here while looking it up. I just installed Soundflower, and it works very well. It took a little fiddling, to make it work. As I remember, you have to set sound to go to Soundflower in system settings. Also I had to get it from code. Thank you imwy2cool - this really is an issue, as more and more screens come out with only hdmi connections. This was driving me to distraction.

After using SoundFlower for a while I have noticed that it often crashes and tends to distort the sound quality rather badly. I am still looking for the right solution.

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Sep 28, 23 0. Hi there, Just got a brandnew samsung led tv and because of this I have to use hdmi to get my mac running onscreen. I've purchased a mini displayport to hdmi adapter and connected everything but I cannot for the life of me get any sound to come through the tv. The picture is there but sound still comes through my mbp's built-in speakers. I've checked around and as far as I can tell my mbp purchased June should support sound via the displayport. I've tried looking around and reading various forum posts and all that but I just can't get it working.

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Please help. Last edited: Jan 11, Peace macrumors Core. You bought the wrong adapter. Some do audio and some don't. Apple sells one.